Education Architecture


Education Projects

Extensive experience with Educational facilities including multi-disciplinary career centers, K-12 facility master planning, classroom additions, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, internal renovation and re-allocation of spaces, bus/transportation facilities, re-roofing projects and exterior deferred maintenance projects. We work with small, rural school districts, community colleges and universities across the state.

Educational facilities are rapidly changing to meet the demands and incorporated the use of technology in all aspects of the learning process. Flexible, quickly adaptable spaces that fit various uses and styles of learning are more in demand than standard classrooms. As we engage with various boards and committees, we understand that physical facilities play a role in both learning and recruitment of students both at the primary and college level.

Student Living

SB&A has been at the forefront of student housing since the mid-1990’s. Most colleges and universities are moving away from traditional, dormitory-style student housing in favor of apartment or congregative living arrangements. Both the expectations of today’s college student and the competitive nature of recruitment have accelerated this trend. Many colleges see student life and housing as major deciding factors when students decide which school to attend. Our student living projects include fraternity houses with multiple suite arrangements, small, efficient, semi-private suite-style student housing, dormitory renovations to update and change dorm rooms into suites, student apartment complexes, high-rise student apartments with common amenities, and European-style apartment studios