Multi-Family Architecture


Multi-Family Projects

We have developed apartment projects for many groups including large tax credit complexes for low-income families, high-end apartments with enclosed parking for young professionals, and workforce housing entities in rural communities.  Our projects include mid-rise and high-rise apartment buildings, low-, mid- and high-rise condominium developments, traditional 2-3 story walk-up apartment complexes, duplexes, four-plexes, and twelve-plexes.  We have also done several renovation projects and adaptive re-use of buildings in to multi-family housing such as hotel and school conversions.


Multi-tenant facilities include commercial office, retail, light industrial, service and industrial uses. They also include a combination of these in a mix-use development. We have designed a large number of shopping centers ranging from 1 to 4 tenants up to developments with over 30 tenants. It is important, when designing retail, to set yourself apart from the competition to grab attention among all the visual “noise” in traditional commercial/retail corridors. Multi-tenant office and flex-space buildings require an aesthetic of quality and stability. Some may be very modern and plain in nature, while others stand out as signature buildings. Each serve their purpose and attract tenants and business that require different kinds of space. Our multi-tenant experience includes commercial office, flex-space office/warehouse, warehouse and industrial facilities. In addition, we have completed several mixed-use multi-tenant projects that include office, retail and residential.