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Office Projects

Office buildings have gone through significant changes in design approach over recent years. Over twenty years ago we researched and understood that professionals utilized conference and meeting rooms only about 10–15% of the time when within various departments in a large office building. We pioneered the idea of reducing the number of conference and meeting rooms by as much as 50–60%, and locating them in central, close to the common areas of the building.  The result was an overall reduction in required square footage, and professionals utilize conference and meeting rooms as much as 80 – 90% of the time now, instead of sitting empty.

Efficiency is the key to design of office buildings because it directly translates in cost savings. We have extensive experience with office planning and design. Our projects range from small offices with just a few employees to large corporate facilities with hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of square feet. In both cases there is generally a combination of private offices and systems furniture commonly referred to as cubicles with centrally located break and restroom facilities and as mentioned before central conferencing suites.