Smart Business - Reducing Our Footpring - Silver Smart Business Award


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It’s official! We are now a Silver Level “Smart Business” in Ames!


Sustainability is a principle that is displayed through all of the business practices at SB&A Architects. We strive to provide an exceptional experience to our customers while remaining responsible for our footprint on the environment and community.

Our focus is on all aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability. We implement practices in energy and water conservation by choosing efficient lighting and saving and reducing water usage by low-flow options in our office.  Monitoring and managing our indoor and outdoor environment responsibly allows us to minimize hazardous chemical use and maintain a safe and clean business. We strive to purchase as many local products as possible and find creative ways to reuse packaging.

Our waste is diverted by recycling cans, glass and cardboard and reusing paper and materials internally. We provide high quality designs that are highly efficient and utilize sustainable practices. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable community for generations to come. We are committed participants of the Ames Smart Business Challenge and dedicated to supporting a sustainable and prosperous future for Ames.

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